BelayHost  Business Class Cloud Hosting & IT Services


About us

BelayHost is a Cloud Services Hosting Company providing hosting of servers and email services. Additionally BelayHost provides IT Support for hosting customers both on the hosted services and at their locations.

Who we are

BelayHost was founded by Kent Schroeder who has been involved with the successful startup and operation of several IT support companies and an Internet Service Provider. His emphasis has always been on providing customers knowlegable consultants and engineers to solve their IT needs in a helpful and responsive way.

What we do

BelayHost does two things:
    1.      Hosting of services in the cloud:
              . Cloud Server Hosting
              . Cloud Desktop Hosting
              . Dedicated Server Hosting
              . Web Site Hosting
              . Email Hosting
    2.     IT Support. BelayHost consults with companies, helping them define solutions for their business computer needs, procuring the hardware and software to implement the solution, then implementing the solution, and providing ongoing support.

Company Overview

BelayHost is a technology company offering Cloud Hosting solutions and IT Support with an emphasis on quality and responsiveness.

Company History

Founded in 2011, BelayHost brought together some seasoned computer industry veterans with extensive skills in providing IT consulting and support as well as skills in running an Internet hosting business.

Contact us

7700 Equitable Drive, Suite 102
Eden Prairie, MN 55344